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NADA is short for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  Also called “Acu Detox”, NADA is a simple, standard protocol of 5 acupuncture points on the ear.  It is used in 1,500 official programs all over the world for supporting individuals who are exposed to highly charged/ highly toxic/ highly traumatic settings, such as:

·         withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, nicotine, or drug abuse

·         survivors of war, natural calamities, or physical abuse

·         soldiers and veterans

·         police and firefighters (such as in 9-11)

·         medical and mental health staff

Although famed for substance detoxification, NADA is a wellness treatment that can benefit anybody who is undergoing stress, whether it’s from work, school, being a parent, or just living in New York City.

As a bonus, Ear Acupuncture /NADA is extremely convenient because

·         recipients can receive a treatment fully-dressed

·         it is a non-verbal treatment, requiring no lengthy diagnostic interview

·         all needles used are one-time disposable, pre-sterilized needles

·         it is safe and free of side-effects

·         best of all, relaxation starts within minutes

Surveys of NADA recipients show:

  • Increased mental clarity & alertness
  • Improved ability to cope
  • Improved ability to sleep
  • Reduction of aches and pains, muscle spasms
  • Reduction of depression and anxiety
  • Reduction of flashbacks/intrusive recall (for PTSD)


NADA in New York

In the aftermath of September 11, NADA was used by St Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan as therapy for relieving emergency relief workers from insomnia and post-traumatic stress. For months, NADA was offered 24 hours a day on location at Ground Zero. Later on, it was also used for victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Pamela Yap received her NADA training in 2007 from the Lincoln Recovery Center, a service of Lincoln Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry (Bronx, NY). In 2008, she had the fortune of working with substance abuse patients at St John’s Riverside Hospital (Yonkers, NY). Pamela has seen for herself how acupuncture works to reduce suffering during detoxification and prevent relapses.


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If you’re interested in treatment or would like to discuss a condition, call Pamela at (347) 706 0083.

It’s time to detox… it’s time to do NADA!